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Have you ever failed at something important to you? When things don’t turn out exactly as planned, sometimes we wonder, “Where is the Lord?” Blinded by the opposition we face, it becomes too easy to think we have been punished or abandoned rather than gently guided in a better direction. The truth is our failures really aren’t failures at all!  

“This book was an answer to my prayers. I have been struggling to know what to do with a current situation in my life and I finally found my answer. Thank you Lindsey!” J. Sampson – Lehi, Utah

“What a blessing this book has been in my life! For years I have had a great idea with some talents I am trying to strengthen. After so many closed doors and unsure what to do, I gave up. This book renewed my hope and I am now just a few steps away from seeing my dream coming true!” Barbara Loveland – Layton, Utah

"It is my hope that by sharing this inspirational message through my personal story, those who read it will change the way they think about failure and change their lives!" - Lindsey Rietzsch - the Author

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